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Photography Sales.

The images you are about to view are an expression of my passion for the art of photography.  I hope these small captures of time tell a story and pass on the same joy that I experienced when taking them. Please feel free to share this site with friends. and join our mailing list to receive recent photos and news.

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​Gabriel de Leon photography sales


Camera: Nikon D7100 / D810

Underwater Housing: Aquatica w/ 8" dome port, flat macro port and extensions.

Diopters: Subsea 5+ / 10+

​Focus Light: Light and Motion

Strobes: Ikelite Ds161

Lenses: Nikon: 20mm. 1.8

                        28mm. 1.8

                        35mm. 1.8

                        50mm. 1.8

                        60mm. micro 2.8

                        85mm. 1.8

                        105mm. micro 2.8 VR

                        24-120mm. 4.0 VR

                        70-300mm. 4.5-5.6 VR

            Sigma: 10-20mm. 4-5.6 

                        17-70mm. 2.0-8-4

           Tokina: 10-17mm. 3.5-4.5