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Photography Sales.

The images you are about to view are an expression of my passion for the art of photography.  I hope these small captures of time tell a story and pass on the same joy that I experienced when taking them. Please feel free to share this site with friends. and join our mailing list to receive recent photos and news.

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​Gabriel de Leon photography sales

" The underwater world is beautiful and largely unexplored. To dive beneath the surface is similar to space exploration offering the excitement and challenge of new discovery.  I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of photographing many facets of this world from large animals to microscopic critters, in colors and shapes many have never seen. As an artist and lover of nature, I find great pleasure in sharing with others my visions as I see them  through a camera and lens. Constantly searching for compositions displaying different angles, lighting or animal behavior in hopes of capturing that unique and perfect image. This Underwater collection is a small representation of this amazing world."

Gabriel de Leon

Sea Life
Reef Scape